Emergency Logistics Glossary

What does Next Day Shipping mean?

In logistics, the term “next day delivery” stands for the delivery of goods to customers according to the motto “ordered today, delivered tomorrow”. For customers, this means that goods they order and which are available for immediate delivery will arrive on the following day. Alternatively, terms such as “next-day delivery” and “next-day shipping” are used for this principle. The latter term seems misleading insofar as the goods in most cases are likely to be shipped on the day on which they have been ordered.

Next Day Delivery: B2B or B2C?

The “next day delivery” option has firmly established itself in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) segments. However, the motivation for opting for this shipping method varies:

  • B2C: desire to receive ordered goods as soon as possible
  • B2B: need to receive ordered goods as soon as possible

In other words, B2C customers are likely to perceive the promptest possible delivery of a consumer item they have ordered as just another attractive added value among many that bind them more closely to a provider. For many B2B customers, on the other hand, the fastest possible delivery also plays a key role in terms of their financial results. In times of international supply chains and just-in-time production, professional warehouse management and smoothly functioning logistics have long been success factors that are just as important as needs-based offerings and competitive prices.

Next Day or Same Day?

For a long time, e-commerce providers surmised that B2C customers might regard same-day delivery of orders as a largely self-evident option in the future. This expectation has not been confirmed. In fact, a large proportion of B2C customers attach greater importance to transparent tracking and the most reliable possible indication of the time window in which their order is expected to arrive on site. Amazon does maintain an option for same-day delivery as part of its “Amazon Prime” customer loyalty program. However, many other providers have bid farewell to this shipping method and rely on next-day delivery as the fastest delivery option in the B2C sector by default.

Same Day and Next Day Airfreigh

But what if the next day is already a day late? For the shipment of particularly urgent goods, B2B customers of time:matters can continue to book same-day delivery. Worldwide and 365 days a year. The proven solution for this is Sameday Air. The Same Day Air service is suitable for

  • Time critical global deliveries
  • Goods up to a weight of 300kg

The delivery usually takes place within a 24h time window. For such time-critical transports, among others, the principle of Next Flight Out (NFO) is used: Your time-sensitive shipment will be transported on the next outbound flight.

Lightning fast transport booked lightning fast

You can book your desired shipping option with time:matters as lightning fast as your urgent shipping request deserves. No matter whether your shipment is to reach its destination the next day or as a same-day delivery. time:matters has prepared everything to ensure that you reach your destination with your booking in as few steps as possible. Simply send a request to time:matters. It is even faster with Self-Service Online Booking. Simply do the following:

  • Enter Origin and Destination
  • Enter your shipment data
  • Select route suggestion and book route

The entire online process is completed in minutes – and without the need for a contact person from time:matters Customer Service to be available for your booking.

In cases where you need things to go particularly fast, you can use the pick-up and delivery option to further speed up transport. A courier will pick up your shipment on site and take care of everything else so that your shipment will arrive at its destination as quickly as possible. Until then, you can conveniently track the progress of the transport by means of status updates along the milestones. In other words: For your supply chain, you use international shipping with timely intermodal Freight Shipping which optimally combines the different transport modes of air, rail and road for fast, reliable transport of your urgent shipment.