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What does Lean Production mean?

Lean Production: definition and examples

Lean Production can also be called integrated production system. The car manufacturer Toyota had pioneered this type of production organisation. During the 1980s, Toyota had the Toyota Production System (TPS). It helped to achieve higher quality, less waste and a higher amount of cars while using fewer resources. Lean production focuses on the economical and efficient use of means of production, raw materials, staff, planning and organisation. The productivity of the production factors and the quality of the products are to be optimized, as is the flexibility of the production system.


Cutting slag in production

The goal of Lean Production is to avoid and eliminate waste in material, staff and time. Lean Production, based on the Toyota Production System, is the basis for Lean Management, but is mostly considered to be subordinate to it. It is not just a stand-alone production system, but a business philosophy, where the reduction of waste is implemented on all levels of production and management.

Lean Production or integrated production system?

The term Lean Production has often been misunderstood as an equivalent to rationalization. The term integrated production system is not saddled with this association. The methods of Lean Production are used for the production system.

This is based on the following formation principles:

  • avoiding waste
  • continuous improvement
  • standardising
  • zero mistake principle
  • flow principle
  • pull principle
  • employee-orientation leadership and target-oriented leadership
  • visual management