Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is APS?

Definition: APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS for short, describes the forward-looking planning and scheduling of processes in production and logistics.

It is the main characteristic of APS that not only the resources of the production are considered, but transport and warehousing as well. APS includes the whole supply chain, from the supplier of raw materials to the consumer. An Advanced Planning and Scheduling System is a software product that makes the anticipatory planning of the supply chain possible.

APS is often used as an add-on in ERP systems, sometimes they are already implemented as a separate module. With the assistance of APS systems, you can optimise not only the production itself but also the entire process from the production to the logistics to the destination of the product. Another characteristic of APS is that the planning for alternatives for each step of the process is already pre-defined. This way the risk of a production standstill is minimized.

APS – the advantages

Especially in the area of emergency logistics , where quick solutions are in demand, APS systems can help to bring your shipment to its destination as fast as possible.

The advantages are clear:

  • anticipatory planning saves time
  • resources are used in an optimal way
  • alternatives are already integrated in the planning

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