Lufthansa Cargo Group

Your strong partner for any kind of transport

The Lufthansa Cargo Group encompasses the 18 air cargo-related companies in the Lufthansa Group whose portfolios complement one another in terms of destinations, capacities, products and services. Lufthansa Cargo and seven other providers of belly and/or main deck capacity form the core of the Group.

Capacity Provider:

lufthansa cargo time:matters

Lufthansa Cargo is the operator of the Lufthansa Cargo air freight network and additionally markets the entire air cargo capacity on Lufthansa Group passenger aircraft.

swiss cargo time:matters

Swiss World Cargo markets the entire air cargo capacity on Swiss International passenger flights.

time:matters Worldwide Special Speed Logistics

time:matters: the experts for worldwide High Performance and Special Speed Logistics with dense air-rail-road network.

aero logic time:matters

Aero Logic is based in Germany and operates a fleet of Boeing 777 freighters.

brussels airlines time:matters

Brussels airlines markets the entire freighter capacity on Brussels Airlines passenger aircraft.