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Urgent spare parts delivered: From China to UK in record time

The mission

Our Shanghai office was tasked with transporting time-critical spare parts for a UK-based aircraft seat manufacturer from Suzhou, China to England. The customer needed the spare parts delivered quickly to avoid costly production delays.

The challenge

Our challenge was to ensure the fastest and safest delivery of the spare parts from China to the UK, with multiple international transit points and strict time constraints to meet.

The transport

Upon receiving the request at 3:00pm, our logistics experts immediately sprang into action.

Already by 5:30pm, a dedicated driver departed from the Suzhou factory with the spare parts and all necessary documents.

The shipment arrived at Shanghai International Airport (PVG) by 8:30pm, where documentation was promptly submitted.

The first flight with a Lufthansa Cargo freighter departed at 00:10am (+1), and the shipment arrived at Munich Airport by 06:40am (+1). Thanks to the exceptional handling abilities of our Courier Terminal in Munich, the transfer took only 2.5 hours.

At 09:20am (+1), the next available Lufthansa freighter departed from Munich and arrived at London Heathrow Airport by 10:25am (+1). After customs clearance at 14:30pm (+1), the spare parts were successfully delivered to the customer by 16:30pm (+1).

So, after the spare parts had been manufactured, these were the steps (local time):

  • 3:00pm: Request received
  • 5:30pm: Dedicated driver departs from Suzhou factory with the shipment and documents.
  • 8:30pm: Arrival at Shanghai Internation Airport (PVG)
  • 10:50pm: Documentation is submitted
  • 00:10am (+1): Departure of the first flight
  • 06:40am (+1): Arrival at Munich Airport
  • 09:20am (+1): Departure of the Lufthansa freighter. Please note that the transfer took only 2.5 hours thanks to the outstanding handling abilities of our Courier Terminal in Munich.
  • 10:25am (+1): Arrival at London Heathrow Airport
  • 14:30pm (+1): Customs clearance
  • 16:30pm (+1): Delivered the spare parts to the customer

The conclusion

Thanks to the swift and efficient efforts and expert handling at time:matters Courier Terminal in Munich, the urgent spare parts were successfully transported from Suzhou, China to England, ensuring that the customer’s production process remained on schedule.

This successful mission demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional transport solutions, even under the most challenging circumstances.

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