We are looking for colleagues who fit into the team
and share our passion for Service Excellence and Special Speed Solutions.

How does the application process usually work?

Have you discovered an interesting employment advertisement on our Career page or on a job portal? Then follow the link at the end of the advertisement, which will direct you to the applicant portal Be Lufthansa. If you have not found the right position, you are welcome to submit an unsolicited application. For this, send an e-mail to: your.career@time-matters.com

1.    Unsolicited application via e-mail to: your.career@time-matters.com
Send your complete application documents (cover letter, salary expectation, curriculum vitae, credentials, references) via e-mail to your.career@time-matters.com (max. 3 MB). The digital version enables us to process your documents in a timely manner. Tip: Create a PDF format (preferably only one file)!

2.    Application via the Be Lufthansa portal
Go to the page: www.be-lufthansa.com. Using the “Jobs” button in the top line you can find all employment advertisements. Select the one that interests you the most. Tip: In the “free text” field enter: “time:matters”!

Or another alternative is to use the link found at the end of our job advertisement, which will lead you to this page. Klick on the button: “apply”. The following picture will appear:

Register yourself using: “Not yet registered?” Follow the step-by-step instructions!

You still have the opportunity to save your data and transfer it to us at a later time. Your data will only be transferred to us at the end, once you have entered all the data and pressed the button “check and send”.

The initial step is for our Human Resources team to assess all applications received on the basis of the job profile. If your profile matches the specified requirements, we will schedule a ca. 60-minute telephone interview, in order to discuss different conditions, gain a first impression of you and assess your professional knowledge. At this time, you have the opportunity to pose further questions as well.

If you have made a convincing impression, then we will arrange for an “on-site-day” at time:matters, which will last around three-fourths of the day. While spending time with us, you will meet the team, your potential team leader and some of the management. In the course of this, there is always time for a delicious lunch break, including perhaps a brief interlude at the foosball table.

The last appointment that could possibly take place entails standardized screening examinations (PC test and conversation with a psychologist).

Afterwards, you will hear from us within a few days, either in written form or over the phone.

Which application documents does time:matters need me to submit?
Completeness & quality instead of quantity – Send us all documents pertinent to the position you are aspiring to reach.

Each application must include:

  • Information explaining which position you are applying for – or in case of unsolicited applications –which area you are interested in
  • A cover letter, in which you introduce yourself and explain your motivation for submitting an application
  • A curriculum vitae in the form of a table
  • Credentials, diplomas and university degrees, supporting documents and letters of recommendation from previous employers and jobs
  • Confirmation of participation in seminars, if they are pertinent to this position
We are constantly looking for motivated and professional personnel, which is why each high-quality and qualified application is welcome, this of course includes unsolicited applications. As is the case with any application, it is important to make sure that your documents are compelling and complete (see above). In an unsolicited application it is especially important to mention which department/area/position you are interested in. There may not immediately be a suitable position open at that time, but something may come up at some point in the future. In this case we will ask you for permission to include you in our pool of applicants. Furthermore, it will be our pleasure to contact you for the purpose of discussing further course of action.
The positions published on our homepage are still vacant. You are welcome to submit your application to us.
Yes. In the Be Lufthansa portal you have the opportunity to apply for several positions. For this, please click on “apply” button for each job posting that you find interesting. You only have to enter your data once.
That is not necessary. We assess your application according to your qualifications and not whether or not it has been sent to the right contact person.
As soon as we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Then our recruiters will process the application as quickly as possible. This happens regardless of whether you have applied by means of an unsolicited application or via the portal be-lufthansa.com.
We process your application as quickly as possible. First of all, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Afterwards we will promptly inform you about the respective status of your application.
Please make sure not to exceed the maximum size of 3 MB. It would be preferable, if you could combine all of your files into one.
We will save your data for the legally stipulated period of 3 months, after which it will be deleted by us.
In our core business, operational logistics management, we train people as Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Agents. In addition, we offer an apprenticeship as Office Communications Clerk. If we are in search of apprentices, then we will list the position on our homepage, on be-lufthansa.com, as well as on other job portals. It is recommended to apply during the previous winter for an apprenticeship scheduled to start in August. The respective prerequisites for an apprenticeship at time:matters are listed in the job description on our homepage.
We currently do not offer such a program, this may however change in the future. You can always find the most up-to-date information on the time:matters homepage at www.time-matters.com/career-en/.
We offer internships lasting from 5 to 6 months and in some exceptional cases only 4 months. The longer an internship is, the more beneficial it is for the intern, who must learn a great deal in the beginning.
Generally speaking yes; however, since there are not always interns working in our foreign branches, we ask that you please consult our homepage or contact our office in Neu-Isenburg (your.career@time-matters.com or +49 (0)6102 36738 804).
There are different working-time models at time:matters. There is shift work for our Customer Service department, which currently covers 3 shifts 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
If you still have questions left unanswered by the FAQs, our Human Resources team is available and happy to assist you. Please send an e-mail (max. 3 MB) to your.career@time-matters.com.