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Brexit Info & Serviceline:

With the possible exit of Great Britain from the Customs Union, the transport industry and the supply chain management face many challenges. In case of a Hard Brexit, we are preparing ourselves and, thanks to our long-term expertise for particularly urgent transports, complex logistics requirements and worldwide customs clearance, we will be able to offer fast and tailor-made solutions for your shipment even after the Brexit.

All of our customs broker partners, including time:matters’ own customs broker, are fully AEO-certified (=Authorized Economic Operator) and have the competence and capability to enable fast-track customs procedures.

Below you will find all questions and answers regarding our logistics solutions from and to the UK.

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Brexit FAQs

We are continuously monitoring the current political situation and work closely with all our partners to ensure that we are prepared for all possible eventualities. We have also established a senior team of specialists to review all available information and plan around any Brexit-related disruptions in our service excellence.
At time:matters, we are delivering custom-tailored transport solutions that fit our customer’s needs. Currently, the biggest unknowns in case of a Hard Brexit revolve around the UK customs process and bilateral air traffic agreements between the EU and the UK. We are preparing for all these possibilities:

  • Ensuring that our entire logistics chain is AEO-certified (see below)
  • Working closely with our partners in the UK to ensure capacities
  • Preparing our newly-acquired company CB Customs Broker and the time:matters Courier Terminal (tmCT) in Frankfurt to handle the additional workload in case of a Hard Brexit

Our solutions toolbox is similarly diverse and will fit any of your specific transport needs:

  • Our transport network services over 100+ flights to/from the UK per day
  • Sameday shipments to London Heathrow with up to 38kg will be routed through the courier terminal instead of the cargo terminal, ensuring faster handling and customs processes
  • Our cargo benefits from some of the highest transport priorities available, which means that your cargo will be most likely transported if capacities are scarce
  • If you need access to higher transport volumes, we can arrange on-demand charter flights
  • In case time is of the essence, our airmates platform will instantly offer you on-board courier solutions from our vast OBC network:
  • Our pro-active shipment tracking and monitoring services will always let you know where your cargo is located and when it will arrive

In the very unlikely event that the entire air traffic between UK and the EU will be halted, we are developing contingencies similar to our solutions during the volcano eruption in Iceland in April 2010: shifting volumes to our high speed train network (ic:kurier) and delivering to/from the UK through the Paris – London Eurotunnel connection.

If you would like to know more about our high-speed transport network, need a custom-tailored solution, or simply have more questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail our specialized Brexit team or contact our customer service.

As soon as the UK is no longer part of the EU customs union, all shipments to and from the UK will require customs handling. To do that, every customer needs a so-called EORI number that can be requested at your country-specific customs office.

As an example, German customers can use the following links:

German Link for EORI number

English Link for EORI number

For imports into the UK, the British government has also introduced “Transitional Simplified Procedures for customs,” a new registration process for customers with EORI numbers that is intended to make it easier to import into the UK. Once registered, you will be able to import your goods into the UK without having to make a full customs declaration at the border and will be able to postpone paying your import duties.

More information is available on the official HM Revenue & Customs website on Brexit preparations for businesses.

In general, it is advisable to take account of all your shipments to and from the UK, as well as considering possible impacts within your supply chain. The British government already put out extensive information to guide your import/export processes in case of a Hard Brexit.

Please also check in advance which Harmonized System (HS) codes your shipments will include. Websites such as can help you identify the HS codes you need.

If you require high speed transport solutions, it is advisable to prepare for the eventuality of a Hard Brexit now, as capacities are becoming increasingly scarce. Contact our Brexit team or customer hotline if you require more detailed information!

The Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) for customs is a registration initiative by British customs (HMRC) intended to make importing easier for the initial period after a hard Brexit. In order to register for the TSP, you require an EORI number and must fill out an online registration form. Once registered, you will be able to import your goods into the UK without having to make a full customs declaration at the border and will be able to postpone paying your import duties.

More information is available on the official HM Revenue & Customs website on Brexit preparations for businesses.

Since your shipments will be handled like any other shipment going to/coming from a customs-relevant third country, the time for the customs process and handling needs to be considered. This will increase handling times at both origin and destination and will require additional customs documents. From a logistics view, this will increase the Latest Acceptance Time (LAT) and Time Of Availability (TOA) for all shipments.

At time:matters, we are prepared for these circumstances. With our very own company CB Customs Broker, we can help you with all EU-based customs-related procedures and documents. Our time:matters Courier Terminal (tmCT), located directly at the Frankfurt airport, will ensure to keep handling times to a minimum and closely monitor your shipment right up to the cargo hold.

AEO stands for “Authorized Economic Operator” and enables certificate holders to fast-track shipments through customs.

All of our customs broker partners, including time:matters own CB Customs Broker, are fully AEO-certified to enable fast-track customs procedures.

Additionally, all our UK-based customs partners have implemented the CHIEF processing system.

This system allows to complete customs information electronically and helps to automatically clear consignments, which leads to faster customs & handling times.

With a Hard Brexit still being a possible option, air freight capacity to/from the UK is in high demand. We are advising our customers to analyze possible logistics bottlenecks in their supply chain as early as possible. time:matters’ cargo has some of the highest transport priorities available – which means that in case of scarce capacities, the shipments of our customers will most likely be on the flight.

In case you require a quote or just have some questions regarding our transport solutions, call our customer service or contact our Brexit team!

Although there are no binding agreements in place as of now (Jan 21st, 2019), there are already proposals and legal motions from both sides to guarantee bilateral air traffic rights in case of a Hard Brexit. We are monitoring the situation and are very confident that these agreements will be ratified in time before a possible Hard Brexit.

However, we are also planning on possible transport contingencies in case those agreements do not come into effect.